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Craydel is proud to launch the Craydel Career Counsellors Club.

The Club aims to empower Career Counsellors across Africa with professional development in Career Counselling.

It's been Craydel's mission to help students own their future, and we know we can only do this with the support of the school career counselling teams. There need to be more learning and networking resources and platforms for career counsellors to grow professionally. And that's where C4 comes in!

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C4 works on three pillars:

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Knowledge & Learning

Craydel is committing to invest heavily in the professional development of career counsellors through a library of career resources, training programs by local and international professionals in the field and access to technology that aids the career counselling process.

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A lot of interesting work is happening in the career counselling departments, albeit in silos. The Club aims to create networking platforms and opportunities where counsellors can engage with each other with a view of learning & exchanging ideas as well as discussing pertinent issues and opportunities in the field of careers counselling. These networking sessions will be both online & in person.

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Rewards & Recognition

There haven’t been adequate rewards and recognition platforms for the career counselling community.

Craydel is happy to put together a tiered rewards & recognition program for all the members of the C4 Club. This includes; free courses, devices and international study trips!