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Craydel’s Career Match Assessment uses career development models, psychometrics and advanced machine learning to give you the confidence in making career decisions.

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  • Discover your Top 3 Ideal Career Options.

    Get scientific recommendations on your Top 3 Ideal Careers; options that work best for you based on your career motivators, aptitude & interests!

  • Get Recommendations on courses matched to your Ideal Careers.

    Looking to pursue higher education? Get the power of Craydel Career Match assessment behind your decision! Browse your personalised recommendations on 3,000+ courses from 90+ top ranked Universities based on your Career Assessment report.

  • Understand your Career Motivators.

    Motivation is critical to career success. Get a deep understanding of what motivates you - is it money, respect, creativity, challenge or recognition?

  • Match your Skills and Interests to your Future Career.

    Discover your real skills & what you are passionate about! The report gives you a thorough understanding of your skills and interests, critical in your future success.

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Craydel Career Match Assessment


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