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BSc (Honours) Behaviour Cognition & Neuroscience

University of Windsor, Canada


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January 2024

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USD 25,264

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 6% scholarship
This is a nationally recognized program that probes the three areas of BCN (behaviour, cognition and neuroscience) through the study of biology related to the brain and the biological aspects of psychology. If you’re interested in both biology and psychology, this research-based, limited enrolment program with a low faculty-to-student ratio is for you.
  • Sample Courses: Intro to Psychology as a Behavioural Science, Principles of Neuroscience, Biological Diversity, Human Physiology, Developmental Psychology
  • Career Tracks: Professional school (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry), audiologist, clinical or research psychologist, neurologist

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • Advanced Functions/MHF4U, Chemistry/SCH4U, Biology/SBI4U. English/ENG4U.
  • Strongly Recommended: Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U
  • Recommended: Physics/SPH4U
  • Minimum Average: 70% (70% of attempted science and math courses, excludes Math of Data Management/MDM4U)
  • Mean Average (Entering Fall 2019): 88%

This Course is Honours 4-year program with Thesis Available

Total courses: forty.
(a) Biological Sciences: BIOL-1101, BIOL-1111, BIOL-2040, BIOL-2101, BIOL-2111, BIOM-2131, BIOL2480, BIOL-3142, BIOL-4450, and BIOL-4481; plus one additional biology (BIOL-and BIOM-) course.

(b) Psychology: PSYC-1150, PSYC-1160, PSYC-2230, PSYC-2560, PSYC-3130, PSYC-3220 (or PSYC-3230),
PSYC-3350, PSYC-3530, PSYC-3580 and one of PSYC-3370, PSYC-4230, or PSYC-4570.

(c) Biological Sciences or Psychology: BIOL-3230 or PSYC-3550; BIOL-3022 (or PSYC-2300); and an
honours thesis in the area of behavioural or cognitive neuroscience chosen from BIOL-4904, or PSYC4960 and PSYC-4970, or CHEM-4900, or KINE-4780.

(d) STAT-2910 or SOSC-2500;

(e) one pair of both PHYS-1300 and PHYS-1310, or both PHYS-1400 and PHYS-1410, or both COMP1047 (or COMP-2067) and COMP-2057, or both ESCI-1100 and ESCI-1111, or both ESCI-1120 and ESCI1130

(f) CHEM-1100, CHEM-1110, CHEM-2300, BIOC-2010;

(g) two courses from Arts and Social Sciences excluding Psychology;

(h) four courses at 3000-level or above in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, or Kinesiology;

(i) two courses from any area of study MATH-1720 (or MATH-1760) is recommended).

Non-credit course: Colloquia and Seminars in Current Behaviour, Cognitive and Neuroscience Research:

  • bi-weekly presentations of recent research by investigators within the university and from other
  • universities and research institutions. Attendance by key faculty members and all students is expected.
  • A notation will be added to the student's transcript upon successful completion of the course.

Recommended Course Sequence

  • First Year: ten courses, including BIOL-1101, BIOL-1111, CHEM-1100, CHEM-1110, PSYC-1150, PSYC1160, SOSC-2500 or STAT-2910; at least one pair of both PHYS-1300 and PHYS-1310, or both PHYS-1400
    and PHYS-1410 or both COMP-1047 (COMP-2067) and COMP-2057, or both ESCI-1100 and ESCI-1111,
    or both ESCI-1120 and ESCI-1130, and one additional course (MATH-1720 (or MATH-1760)


  • Second Year: ten courses, including BIOL-2040, BIOL-2101, BIOL-2111, BIOM-2131, BIOL-2480, PSYC2230, PSYC-2300, CHEM-2300 and BIOC-2010.


  • Third Year: ten courses, including PSYC-2560, BIOL-3142, BIOL-3230 or PSYC-3550*, PSYC-3130, PSYC3530, and PSYC-3580 Fourth Year: ten courses: including PSYC-3220 (or PSYC-3230), PSYC-3350, BIOL-4481, one of PSYC3370, PSYC-4230, or PSYC-4570, BIOL-4904 (or PSYC-4960 and PSYC-4970, or CHEM-4900, or KINE4780), and BIOL-4450.
    *BIOL-3230 or PSYC-3550 should be taken in third or fourth year.
  • Program Type: Undergraduate 
  • Major or Degree: Science
  •  Course Load: Full Time
  •  Fee Category: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Term: Fall 
  • Residence: Alumni Hall - Single in a 2 Bedroom Suite
  •  Meal Plan: Full Meal Plan - moderate off campus flexibility.
  •  Estimated Total
  •  $ 10806.41 
  • Base Tuition - $ 2985.95 - Assessed each term 
  • Coop - $ 455.00 - If applicable

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