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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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USD 4,006

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree

It provides students with a broad-based business education that takes into account the skills necessary to perform as a professional in the dynamic global business environment. It has 3 (three) concentrations namely, Marketing, Procurement and Human Resource. One is prepared to be effective and successful in today's marketplace

 One can take full time, evening, Saturday, holiday or Blended e-learning mode of study. 

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • Admission into a degree program at Africa International University will be based on the following minimum requirements:
  • The minimum requirement of Grade C must be attained at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) or its equivalent and additional requirements specified for each academic program,
  • Applicants with relevant diploma from an institution recognized by the University Senate.

YEAR ONE(42 hours)
Semester One
UC111 Bible Interpretation and Study Methods 3hrs
UC112 Library Research and Information Competency 3hrs
UC110 Foundations for Life 3hrs
FA111 Principles of Management 3hrs
UC113 Essentials of Information and Communications Technology 3hrs
BA111 Principles of Accounting I 3hrs
BA 112 Business Statistics 3hrs
Total 21

Semester Two
UC121 English Writing and Communication 3hrs
UC122 Introduction to Human Behaviour/introduction to psychology 3hrs
BA121 Introduction to Business Organizations 3hrs
BA122 Principles of Accounting II 3
EN111 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 3hrs
UC211 Introduction to Sociology 3hrs
UC222 Introduction to Philosophy 3hrs
Total 21

YEAR 2 (42 hours)
Semester One
BA 211 Principles of Microeconomics 3hrs
BA212 Principles of Marketing 3hrs
BA 213 Principles of finance 3hrs
BA 216 Introduction to Banking 3hrs
BA215 Business Environment 3hrs
BA214 Business Communication 3hrs
UC 225 Comparative Study of Religions 3hrs
Total 21

Semester Two
UC221 Environment, Development and Stewardship 3hrs
BA222 Principles of Macroeconomics 3hrs
BA 223 Business Ethics and Integrity 3hrs
BA 224 Business Law and Governance 3hrs
BA225 Cost Accounting 3hrs
BA226 Introduction to Taxation 3hrs
BA227 Human Resource Management 3hrs
Total 21

Specialization Courses in Human Resources:

YEAR 3 (42 hours)
Semester One
BA311 Introduction to Quantitative Methods3hrs
BA312 Management Information 3hrs
BA360 Internship 3hrs
BA313 Business planning 3hrs
HR 311 Corporate Culture 3hrs
HR 312 Working Environment 3hrs
HR 313 Reward Management 3hrs
Total 21

Semester Two
BA321 Organizational Behaviour 3hrs
BA322 Risk Management 3hrs
BA323 Principles of Auditing 3hrs
CT323 E-Commerce 3
GS 321 Research Design and Methods 3
HR 321 Industrial Relations 3hrs
HR 322 Employee Relations 3hrs
Total 21

YEAR 4 (39 hours)
Semester One
Unit Code Unit Name Hours
BA412 Project3
BA 413 Financial management 3hrs
BA 413 International Business Management 3hrs
BA414 Company Law 3
HR 411 Strategic Human Resource Management 3hrs
HR 412 Performance Management and Coaching 3hrs
HR 413 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3hrs
Total 21

Semester Two
BA421 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy 3hrs
BA422 Productions and Operations Management 3hrs
BA423 Innovation and Business Development 3hrs
BA424 Business Strategy and Policy 3hrs
HR 421 Labour Economics 3hrs
HR 422 Human Resource Information Systems 3hrs
Total 18hrs

KES 54000 per semester 

Total fees KES 432000

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