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Master in Fashion & Luxury Business

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October 2023

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The fashion and luxury industry has played an important role in society for centuries. Focusing on business management skills and consumer attitudes toward luxury products with an emphasis on design and creativity, this program prepares students for the projection of a brand. With elements such as advertisement strategy, communication skills and innovative thinking, students are given an in-depth insight into how to effectively manage and position a unique brand.
EU's Master in Fashion & Luxury Business program has been designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the luxury and fashion industry, teaching them how to manage a unique and special brand.

Focusing on management skills, luxury consumer attitudes and placing emphasis on design and creativity, this program prepares students to project a brand with strong advertising, communication and financial strategies.

Enrollment Cycles

  • October 2023
  • January 2024
  • March 2024
  • Certified copy of bachelor's degree and transcripts
  • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 89 (internet-based), 233 (computer-based); IELTS 6.5; CAE C1 with a minimum score of 176; PTE score 59; English native or equivalent
    Applicants must also meet one of the following:
  • A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A satisfactory score on the GMAT or GRE
  • An interview with the academic dean
    * Students who do not meet the criteria will have an interview with the admission committee and will be considered on a merit basis. For more information, please contact the admissions department of your chosen campus.

The Master in Fashion & Luxury Business (60 ECTS) is a one-year program, divided into three terms. Each term comprises four courses (4 ECTS each) and one seminar (2 ECTS). Throughout the year, students are also exposed to real-life case studies, games and business simulations. In order to graduate, participants must also complete a business plan (6 ECTS).

 TERM 1 (13 CH | 18 ECTS)
Luxury Business Management
This course gives students an understanding of the fundamental concepts of luxury business and the complex value of craftsmanship and digitalization. Students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, while analyzing relevant challenges such as globalization, counterfeiting and virtualization.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

International Luxury Brand Management
One of the most important tools in the luxury industry, the main characteristics of brand management are high quality, exclusivity, innovation, emotional appeal, a heritage of craftsmanship and brand strength to create a brand value. Students gain an insight into the unique brand strategies of the luxury industry, understanding how to anticipate and meet consumer expectations across different markets.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Fashion & Luxury Marketing
Students gain an understanding of the different perspectives between luxury brands and other brands. From the development of luxury business using conscious marketing to an understanding of prestige, timelessness and the effect of cognitive and affective influence strategies, this course familiarizes students with the essence of luxury marketing.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Luxury Finance Management & HR Management
Students learn to apply knowledge of business management, using analytical, problem-solving skills in relation to the challenges and changes inherent in the human element of business and financial management. Furthermore, they will explore group dynamics, employee engagement, counseling skills as a business philosophy and creating social, cultural and emotional value for all stakeholders and employees.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Sustainable Fashion & Luxury
Sustainability is a major part of the luxury industry. It is becoming increasingly important that companies reduce their environmental impact and ensure that sustainability is the main factor of their business. This seminar provides an understanding of the role of sustainability, ethics and social values.
1 CH | 2 ECTS

TERM 2(13 CH | 18 ECTS)
Luxury Industry
This course compares the predictive power of income and attitude towards cultural change in the context of luxury goods. Students will be able to identify the strategic and tactical business plans of organizations, analyze relevant issues and propose new ideas.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Luxury & Fashion
This course gives students an understanding of the modern cultural and social scenarios for creating new strategies through materials and technology. Students gain an understanding of the difference between every concept of luxury in fashion. Emphasis is placed on the complex role of creating a collection, innovation, society and a critical view. The students participate in a project and will work on real case studies for discussion during the course.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Luxury & Accessories
Students develop fundamental knowledge of the specialized luxury accessories market. This incorporates footwear, jewelry and watches, perfume, leather bags and home accessories. This course will give students a profound aesthetic sensitivity and understanding of the strong culture within luxury and accessories.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Digital Marketing Strategies
This course gives students an understanding of the new paradigm in online marketing strategies and the urgent need to address the strategic issues in luxury e-business. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice how to establish a creative and innovative corporate culture online.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Humanities
This seminar gives students a critical view of the ethics and human relationships of current business and technological practices. Students will analyze the success of several luxury companies and how their humanistic philosophy has influenced their success.
1 CH | 2 ECTS

TERM 3 (13 CH | 18 ECTS)
Advertising & Communication
Media platforms have seen a period of rapid development in recent times. Alongside the established media of print and television, social media has become a key influence in modern business. After a period of innovation, luxury brands are investing in advertising and communication solutions to satisfy their consumers. Students analyze the creative process, methodology, history and evolution of both online and offline media.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

This course focuses on innovation management leadership. Presented in three modules, students will gain an understanding of innovation and the various leadership roles within organizations. Students will not only gain an understanding of how to lead innovation, but also how to develop as innovative thinkers.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Innovation in Materials & Technology
This course focuses on the most innovative materials and latest technologies used in design. Emphasis is placed on the complex role materials play within a design process, innovation, society and a critical view. The students participate in a project and will work on real case studies for discussion during the course.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Design Innovation
This course explores creativity, its relationship with innovation, and how design thinking, a creative process, is used for strategic innovation. Students learn in a hands-on, interactive way, exploring first their comfortable creative territories, and then to embrace ambiguity and go outside their comfort zones to discover new approaches to the creative process. Through reflection, introspection and philosophy students explore their own creativity and what it means to be creative.
3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Communication Skills
This seminar aims to provide students with the necessary skills for effective communication of a luxury brand. Based on storytelling and persuasion, students will learn the importance of creativity, being authentic and building an experience for the customer.
1 CH | 2 ECTS

Final Project
Students will also be required to submit a final project (6 ECTS) at the end of their studies and to attend field trips, company visits and fairs as part of the experiential learning method.
4 CH | 6 ECTS

  • Three Terms/One Year Fees Per Term CHF 9,600 
  • Total Course Fee CHF 28800

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