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BCS in Computer Science

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May 2023

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USD 27,119

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  • 3 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 8% scholarship
It’s a digital world and with this degree, you will have the flexibility to chart your own career path in almost any industry. We offer hands-on learning opportunities and support as you learn computer languages, operation systems, and the mathematics behind computation. University degree holders from another subject area can fast track through this program.

This excellent career prep has helped all of our grads find jobs in their chosen fields within two years. UWindsor Computer Science program is tied for first in Ontario university employment rates. 

  • Sample Courses:Introduction to Algorithms and Programming, System Programming, Computer Architecture I: Digital Design, Database Management Systems, Web Information Systems Development
  • Career Tracks: Web developer, software developer, computer programmer, IT manager, video game developer, graduate studies

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • Advanced Functions/MHF4U. English/ENG4U.
  • Strongly Recommended: Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U
  • Minimum Average: 70% (70% average of math courses)
  • Minimum Average (Co-op): 75% (Co-op Programs: 75% 70% average in all attempted math courses, excluding Data Management/MDM4U)
  • Mean Average (Entering Fall 2019): 82%

This Course is Available in General 3-year program
Degree Requirements

Total courses: forty.
(a) COMP-1000, COMP-1400, COMP-1410, COMP-2120, COMP-2140, COMP-2310, COMP-2540, COMP2560, COMP-2650, COMP-2660, COMP-3110, COMP-3150, COMP-3220, COMP-3300, COMP-3540, COMP-3670, COMP-4400, COMP-4540, COMP-4960 or COMP-4990 (both 6.0 credit hour courses), plus one additional Computer Science course at the COMP-3XX0 or COMP-4XX0 level.

(b) MATH-1020, MATH-1250 (or MATH-1260), MATH-1720 (or MATH-1760), MATH-1730, MATH-3940 (or MATH-3800) and STAT-2910 (or STAT-2920);

(c) three courses from Arts, Languages or Social Sciences, with at least one from Arts/Languages and one from Social Sciences;
Spring 2021 Undergraduate Calendar 578

(d) three courses at the 2XXX-4XXX level from Mathematics/Statistics or Computer Science (excluding COMP-2057, COMP-2077, COMP-2097, COMP-2707, COMP-3057, COMP-3077);*

(e) seven other courses from any area of study, including Computer Science.

Students may specialize in one of the following areas. A special annotation will be made on the transcript for a specialization in one of the following areas, if the specified courses are completed:

i) Artificial Intelligence specialization: COMP-3710; (at least two of COMP-4730, or COMP-4740, or COMP-4770 (requires COMP-3770)); and COMP-4990 project course (or COMP-4960 Research Project)) on an approved topic in Artificial Intelligence.

ii) Multi-media specialization: COMP-3500; COMP-4500; at least one of COMP-3340 and COMP-3520; and COMP-4990 project course (or COMP-4960 Research Project) on an approved topic in Multimedia. 

iii) Networks and Security specialization: COMP-4670; at least two of COMP-3340, COMP-3680 and COMP-4680; and COMP-4990 project course (or COMP-4960 Research Project), on an approved topic in Networks and Security.

iv) Game Development specialization: One of (COMP-3500 or COMP-3520) and COMP-3770, COMP4770 and COMP-4990 project course (or COMP-4960 Research Project) on an approved topic in Game Development. 

Recommended Course Sequence

  • First Year: ten courses, including COMP-1000, COMP-1400, COMP-1410, MATH-1020, MATH-1250 (or MATH-1260) , MATH-1720 (or MATH-1760), and MATH-1730.
  • Second Year: ten courses, including COMP-2120, COMP-2140, COMP-2310, COMP-2540, COMP-2560, COMP-2650, COMP-2660, and STAT-2910 (or STAT-2920).
  • Third Year: ten courses, including COMP-3110, COMP-3150, COMP-3220, COMP-3300, COMP-3540, COMP-3670, and MATH-3940 (or MATH-3800).
  • Fourth Year: ten courses, including COMP-4400, COMP-4540, COMP-4990 (a 6.0 credit hour course).
  • Program Type: Undergraduate
  • Major or Degree: Computer Science
  • Course Load: Full Time
  • Fee Category: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Term: Fall
  • Residence: Alumni Hall - Single in a 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Meal Plan: Full Meal Plan - moderate off campus flexibility.
  • Estimated Total
  • $ 12342.61
  • Base Tuition
  • Base Tuition - $ 4512.15  - Assessed each term
  • Coop - $ 455.00 - If applicable


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