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June 2024

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  • 2 Weeks
  • Online
  • Undergraduate
  • Certificate

This intensive two week course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge of the environmental operations at events. It will also enable you to undertake and carry out environmental assessments for a wide range of different indoor and outdoor events on behalf of A Greener Festival. 

Events, festivals and venues look to A Greener Festival to provide trained Assessors that are able to assess their activities and offer advice on how they can make their events more environmentally friendly.  

You will:  

  • Learn and understand the key operational issues of events which create an impact on the environment, developing  the knowledge and skills needed to undertake environmental assessments
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to become A Greener Festival Assessor, able to undertake environmental assessment of events, festivals and venues around the world on their behalf.
  • This course is designed to train auditors to complete assessments at festivals and events on behalf of The Greener Festival Awards.
  • It's also relevant for those who want work in event sustainability, including event organisers and those seeking to improve their own events environmental management.

You may be:  

  • An event or festival organiser
  • An environmental manager
  • An academic
  • Studying Events Management
  • Wishing to update your professional skills
  • A previous assessor for A Greener Festival required to renew your training
  • Passionate about developing your skills in event sustainability
  • Working in events related businesses such as event suppliers.
  • This certification lasts for a period of three years, after which you will need to renew your training.

How you'll learn
With Falmouth Flexible, you access your course content, interactions with other students and tutors, and learning resources, through Canvas, an easy-to-use online platform. 
You can access the course wherever you are in the world, and you can stop, pause and rewind lectures whenever you want. 
Study is entirely online with learning supported by the use of real event case-studies.​ 

Learning activities

  • There will be guided learning activities consisting of:
  • Concise online presentations to introduce key concepts
  • Small group and class discussions to facilitate interaction and dialogue
  • Online critiques to test assumptions, ideas and to receive feedback from peers and tutors
  • Individual and group tutorials throughout the course
  • Independent study
  • Self-evaluation and peer feedback​

The assessment is taken and submitted online at the end of the course and takes the form of multiple choice questions. 
Student support
Throughout your studies, you’ll be supported by a student advisor. Their job is to answer any non-academic queries you may have, and they can be contacted via email, phone, text or WhatsApp. 

Enrollment Cycles

  • June 2024

You should have:

  • An undergraduate degree or Level 6 equivalent qualification or 3 years relevant work experience 
  • Proficiency in English – reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to be comfortable studying at masters level 
  • We also accept a range of equivalent recognised English language qualifications. Candidates without a degree or formal qualification are still encouraged to apply.

You will benefit from a unique, global perspective on good practice and the development of green initiatives gathered from around the world by A Greener Festival over the last decade. You will need to engage and complete the full two week course and pass the assessment at the end in order to pass and receive the certification.    

Please note the topic order is subject to change.  

Week one

  • You will examine the context for the operational aspects of environmental event management by looking at relevant legislation and regulation, and the sorts of impacts that events can have on the ground.  
  • You will then move on to discuss procurement, a key aspect of the provision of goods and services for events:  
  • What processes should there be to ensure that the goods and services the event buys in are as environmentally friendly as possible?  
  • What should event organisers be thinking about and what should assessors be looking for?  
  • You then focus on some specific operational issues and continue to look at these in week two.  
  • Throughout the course you will identify the key issues and problems facing event organisers, the solutions being developed to address them, and the legal requirements they need to adhere to.  
  • You will become familiar with examples of good practice and the latest innovations that are currently under development. They will help you to know what to look for at any event you assess.  
  • During week one you will consider:  
  • Legal & Policy Framework for Events and the Environment  
  • Local Direct Impacts – The Environment and the Local Community  
  • Travel and Transport  
  • Procurement.

Week two During week two you will cover the remaining operational issues:  

  • Power  
  • Solid Waste and Recycling  
  • Water Use – Waste Water and Sewage  
  • Communication and Behaviour.  
  • New for 2020
  • All change: the impact of the 2020 lockdown on the sustainability of the event industry

Whilst it’s clear that Covid 19 has had an immediate and damaging impact on the event industry’s economic sustainability the lockdown has conversely had a positive impact on the environment.

The next A Greener Festival Assessor Training will include a special webinar devoted to assessing the implications of the pandemic for the environmental and social as well as economic sustainability of the event industry.

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