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International Foundation Programme in Business, Accounting and Finance


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  • 8 Months
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  • Undergraduate
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Cardiff University International Study Centre puts you on the path to an exciting future in business. Our International Foundation Year develops your subject knowledge and English language skills, ready for your undergraduate degree. All undergraduate degrees have the option of a professional placement year, giving you the chance to apply your knowledge in a practical setting.

The International Foundation Year prepares you for university with English language and study skills practice, as well as subject-specific teaching. When you complete the programme, you will progress to the first year of your undergraduate degree. This pathway allows you to progress to degrees in subjects including accounting, business management, financial mathematics and many more.

You choose a route depending on which undergraduate degree you plan to study. There are three routes: Accounting and Finance, Business, and Economics. Which route you choose impacts the modules you will study.

As a student on the this pathway of the International Foundation Year, you will study all of the 'core' modules as well as additional modules depending on which subject route you choose.

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2024
  • September 2024

A one-year programme to prepare international students for their undergraduate degree.

  • Academic Good high school graduation grades or equivalent
  • English language - Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.0 (minimum 5.0 in writing)
  • Academic IELTS for UKVI 6.0 (minimum 6.0 in writing, no skill below 5.5) is required for students aiming to progress to Medicine, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Optometry and Medical Pharmacology, Journalism and Communications; Journalism, Communications and Politics; Media and Communications or Media, Journalism and Culture.
  • Age 17

Core Modules

1. Academic Practice
Academic Practice is studied as part of the International Foundation Year programme. The aim of this module is to foster the development of basic research skills. The module will reinforce skills that are essential to university study, supporting and consolidating academic skills of the Academic English Skills module and subject areas.

2. Contemporary Business Issues
Students on an International Foundation Year programme will have limited knowledge and understanding of contemporary business issues as well as some of the relevant business and management theories which underpin these. This module is designed to overcome this and provide students with an insight into a range of business and management issues and concepts which undergraduates will require to study these topics in greater depth. 

3. Mathematics and Statistics
This is a core module for the International Foundation Year pathway in Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance. The module is designed to cover the basic mathematical and quantitative tools used in business, economics and finance. The module guides students to develop an understanding of these tools, which are applicable to solving a wide range of real-life problems and which will support them when they go on to study these topics in greater depth at undergraduate level. 

Accounting and Finance Modules
4. Introduction to Accounting and Finance
This module aims to provide students with an introduction to the basic principles of accounting and finance, facilitate an appreciation of the way in which the characteristics and principles of accounting are applied and develop an understanding of the need for financial information. This broad introduction to accounting and finance will provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills that business, economics and accounting and finance undergraduates will need to study these topics in greater depth.

Business Modules
1. Mathematics and Statistics II
The overall aim of the module is to provide students with a foundation in core mathematical and statistical concepts. The module supports students to recall principles and concepts in statistics and develop the mathematical and statistical background, required for their studies at Higher Education in the UK.

2. Understanding Organisations and their Environments
Students on an International Foundation Year programme will often have a limited knowledge and understanding of organisations and their environment. This module aims to further student understanding of the nature of organisations as well as the internal and external environments in which they exist. Students will explore a range of business concepts and theories which will enable them to understand the nature of this relationship and prepare them for further study at undergraduate level.

Economics Modules
1. Economics of Business and Society
This is a designated module for students on the international foundation pathway in Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance. The module is suitable for students with or without A-level economics or equivalent and is designed to equip them with an understanding of the basic economic concepts and theories that undergraduates will require to study these topics in greater depth.

£17,750 Course Fee (ISC) 

£235 Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) 

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