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  • 4 Years
  • Online
  • Undergraduate
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Trine University's Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration assists those new to healthcare as well as working professionals seeking academic or work advancement.

The Experience

As a student in the online Healthcare Administration program, you will earn application-based knowledge as well as an understanding of the history, current state and future of healthcare delivery. You will explore the  delivery system of today and focus on the application of concepts in healthcare leadership. Choose from one of the three tracks for this degree: information systems, organizational leadership or healthcare specialty.

The Results

As a graduate of the Healthcare Administration program, you will be prepared for supervisory, managerial, director or executive-level positions. Employment opportunities include hospital/acute care, long-term care, physician office practices, home health and hospices, pharmaceutical industry, medical insurance, government healthcare agencies, veteran’s administration and military.

When you complete this degree program, you will be job-ready for many levels of healthcare leadership and well-prepared to advance into a graduate degree program, including Trine University's Lou Holtz Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Master of Business Administration programs.

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • August 2024

To be admitted to Trine University's TrineOnline, you will need to submit the following:

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts showing evidence of graduation from an accredited high school or acceptable score on the General Education Development (GED) exam
  • Official transcripts from ALL post–secondary schools attended

Total Credit Hour 120

General Education - 42 credit hours

• ENG 133 Technical Communication or ENG143 College Composition

• HUM 203 Humanities Seminar

• SP 203 Effective Speaking

• ECO 353 Healthcare Regulations

• COM 233 Intercultural Communications

• PHL 353 Ethical Issues in Medical Care

• PSY 113 Principles of Psychology

• MA 113 College Algebra

• MA 253 Statistics

• BIO 163 Medical Terminology

• BA 213 Advanced Spreadsheets for Business

• COM 213 Business Communications

• General Education Elective - 6 credit hours

Program Core – 30 credit hours

• CSIT 123 Infrastructure Basics

• HC 203 US and World Healthcare Systems

• HC 213 Healthcare Market Analysis

• HC 313 Professional Relationships

• HC 323 Technology and Clinical Systems

• HC 363 Information System Strategies

• HC 433 Applied Finance and Revenue Cycle

• HC 463 Effective Quality Management

• HC 473 Healthcare Capstone

• HR 343 Healthcare Human Resources Management

Additional requirements – 33 credit hours

• UE 111 Online Learning Orientation

• BA 201 Professional Development & Strategies

• CSIT 103 Introduction to Information Systems or Computer or Computer Literacy

Electives – 28 credit hours

Choose one of the following professional tracks – 15 credit hours

Information Systems

• CSIT 163 Using Programming to Solve Problems

• CSIT 253 Artificial Intelligence and Information

• CSIT 223 Network Management

• INF 263 Data Management

•INF 343 Information Security

Organizational Leadership

• LDR 103 Introduction to Organizational Leadership

• LDR 203 Leadership Strengths and Skills

• LDR 333 Leadership Development and Change

• LDR 343 Conflict Resolution

• LDR 403 Creativity, Innovation and Influence

•Healthcare Specialty

Healthcare Specialty – 15 credit hours

  • Undergraduate tuition: $399
  • Undergraduate tuition assistance for military (active duty only): $250
  • Transition to Teaching certificate: $500

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