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June 2023

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USD 5,880

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  • 13 Weeks
  • Online
  • Undergraduate
  • Foundation Programme

The English Foundation Program is not a prerequisite for an EU degree. However, EU is an English-speaking business school and all classes, assignments, exams, lectures and final dissertation are carried out in English. If students need to improve their English to meet EU’s program admission requirements, this specialized program will help them refine their language skills and prepare them for EU programs. 

The English Foundation Program is a one-semester (13-week) course with start dates in September, February and June. There are 20 hours of English lessons per week and students should expect to do at least another 20 hours of additional independent study per week. Following the completion of the program a final examination is held.

English is essential for a successful career in international business. The English Foundation Program is a one-semester (13-week) course with start dates in September, February and June. The program is divided into three levels, four-week sections with evaluations at the end of each. Students will take a final exam at the end of the course. Upon successful completion of the English Foundation Program, students will be automatically accepted into their chosen EU bachelor’s, master’s or MBA program if other admission requirements are met.

Enrollment Cycles

  • June 2023
  • September 2023
  • December 2023
  • February 2024
  • March 2024

Admission Requirements:

  • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 60 (internet-based), 173 (computer-based); IELTS 5.0; CAE B1 with a minimum score of 154 points; PTE score 36; or equivalent

All English Foundation Program students must also meet the requirements for entry to our bachelor's, master's and MBA programs.

All applicants should submit the following documents in order to complete the application process:

  • 1 completed application form (if the application was not filled in online)
  • 1 certified copy of previous studies/high school diploma* and transcripts
  • Proof of English fluency: TOEFL score 60 (Internet-based), 173 (computer-based); IELTS 5.0; CAE B1 with a minimum score of 154; PTE 36; English native; or equivalent
  • 1 letter of recommendation**
  • 1 motivation letter***
  • An electronic passport photo or 3 printed passport-size photos
  • 1 copy of valid passport or ID card
  • 1 bank certificate or letter certifying the applicant's financial solvency
  • €/CHF 200 non-refundable application fee. Please attach a money order, check or receipt for a bank transfer payable to EU.


(13 WEEKS)

English for Academic Purposes

Studying in English requires a good command of appropriate language structure, style and vocabulary. Students not only learn to understand academic and learning materials, but also develop skills for producing quality texts.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Structured Writing & Grammar

A practical command of grammar is essential for effective writing. This course prepares students for writing eloquently and accurately.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Learning Strategies & Studying Techniques

With this course, students acquire the skills and techniques for learning and studying more efficiently, including time-management, work-planning and approaches to study materials. Students can apply these skills in order to improve their academic performance.

2 CH | 3 ECTS

Communication Skills

Effective communication in a range of situations is essential for 21st-century professionals. The focus of this course is on how to develop one’s written and oral skills for a variety of contexts.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Reading & Text Analysis

Reading effectively is essential for properly understanding and managing key information. Likewise, the study of text analysis provides insights that are useful for tackling key contents effectively.

2 CH | 3 ECTS

Critical Thinking & Analysis

Thinking outside the box is fundamental to the success of many projects and businesses. Learning how to approach ideas and projects critically and innovatively is one of the principal skills for professional success today.

2 CH | 3 ECTS

Business English

This course is aimed at acquiring and practicing the language required to understand and apply business language and terminology in interactive environments.

2 CH | 3 ECTS

  • ADVANCE TUITION PAYMENT-  €2,000 (non-refundable, due upon receipt of acceptance letter)
  • SEMESTER 1 - €2,900
  • APPLICATION FEE - €200 (non-refundable, paid with application)

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