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Build an exciting and fulfilling career in Mathematics with globally marketable BMath and MMath courses from top-ranked universities.

Mathematics is one of the most widely popular academic disciplines that can be applied to numerous fields- Natural sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Medicine to name a few. The mathematics degree course makes the students unveil high-level mathematics-related topics and helps them
  • Explore new topics, elementary concepts and create a different vision through the latest dynamic of the mathematics program.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of measurements, properties, and relationships of sets and qualities using symbols and numbers.
  • Understand the complex field of mathematics that also includes pure mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, topology and foundations, geometric analysis, probability, and statistics, and a lot more.
  • Extract not only elementary skills but also take on more practical dimensions in their course.
  • Avail opportunities with the right combination of lectures as well as seminars that assists them with the application of mathematics skills, expertise, and knowledge in a real-world setting.

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Top Marketable Careers for Mathematics Graduates

Mathematics is probably the only discipline that is applicable to nearly every industry. From business and technology to science and medicine, advanced degree holders are needed to directly attack and solve big-picture problems. Logical thinking, practical problem-solving techniques, and decision-making skills are required by the varied industries and employers across many job sectors. Here are some of the most highly regarded careers for mathematics graduates:

  • Mathematician


    A mathematician is a skilled person that uses mathematical skills as well as knowledge to solve real-world problems efficiently. Mathematicians can apply advanced mathematical techniques, principles, and methods to assist multiple industries. Most mathematicians spend their time analyzing data, creating practical models, and performing complex calculations combined with the rules to deliver optimal results. From performing numerical analysis to developing computational concepts, a mathematician ensures to improve business decisions and helps them grow further.

    To ensure guaranteed success in fields like science, business, engineering, or other related industries, mathematicians aim to conduct thorough research using algebra, geometry, statistics, and logical analysis to resolve both scientific and engineering-related issues.


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  • Statistician


    Statisticians have become an integral part of the field of research and academia. Statisticians are the high-level professionals that apply statistical methods, spot trends, models and make predictions in a range of industries. They are often considered the most valuable employees that gather, analyze, and interpret data based on the company’s specific needs and requirements. The main responsibilities of a statistician are to collect, interpret, and analyze large data to make certain decisions, provide important statistical inputs to the businesses whenever required, and report results of statistical analysis in the form of charts, algebra, and tables

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  • Operations Research Analyst

    Operations Research Analyst

    An operation research analyst is a professional analyst that collects and interprets various important data and helps businesses perform better and more efficiently. They are highly knowledgeable problem solver research analysts that directly apply advanced techniques to offer real-time support to the various industries or verticals. An operations research analyst usually applies modern techniques like optimization, data mining, statistical analysis including mathematical modeling in day to day business operations.

    Many reputed companies prefer to hire an operations research analyst who can help them perform various tasks like identifying pitfalls hindering the growth of the business, implementing effective plans, crafting powerful strategies, tracking different metrics, maintaining daily reports on data analysis, and developing solutions for the betterment of the business.

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  • Actuary


    An actuary is another rewarding career option that combines both mathematics and statistics to minimize financial risk and estimate the impact of financial uncertainty in the future. An actuary is someone having thorough knowledge, expertise, and mathematical skills who measures the probability and impact of future events. Most business houses and government agencies are highly dependent on the actuaries to evolve positively in this ever-changing digital landscape.

    The job profile of a professional actuary involves evaluating, managing, and advising on future financial business risk, using knowledge of business as well as economics professionally, applying mathematical and statistical awareness that connects with real-life situations. The actuary may particularly work in sectors or areas like banking, corporate finances, investment management, pensions, and a lot more

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  • Economist


    An economist is a proficient financial expert who studies market activities, and the relationship between the society’s necessary resources and its production or output. An economist is someone that collects, analyzes, evaluates, and sometimes controls important data to evaluate economic issues for various resources, goods, and services. The expert opinions, findings, and research analysis of the economist help the small or local communities including the global economy to predict the future trends and shape them accordingly.

    An economist can help implement a wide array of policies that also include tax laws, interest rates, employment programs, corporate strategies, and a lot more. The duties and responsibilities of an economist include- researching economic issues and crises, advising businesses and the governments for decision-making, formulating perfect solutions to both minor and major economic problems, etc.


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  • Auditor


    The main job profile of an auditor mainly involves- reviewing the different accounts of companies and other organizations, ensuring that their financial records are accurately and systematically recorded, checking and analyzing the company’s spreadsheet data, ensuring that the assets are protected, undertaking reviews of workers wages and a lot more. They could consult the accounts of their employer or those of another organization and also act as an advisor to recommend risk avoidance and cost-saving measures.

    Auditors are the experts that are responsible for the maintenance, management and tracking records of the cash flow and accounts of the companies keeping protocols, control procedures, and regulations in mind. Auditors can be both internal as well as external who choose to work for professional firms, private companies, charities, government bodies, etc.

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