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Not sure of pursuing your Masters degree? Here’s why we are convinced!

  • Accelerated Career Growth: Professionals with postgraduate degrees earn 20% more than their peers
  • Global Networking: Interact, learn and network with executives from across the world
  • High-demand Skills: With courses ranging from Data Analytics and AI to Experience Design, you will acquire the most in-demand skills for the future of work in Africa
  • Flexible Learning: Study from the comfort of your home, stay close to your family and continue with your current job

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Popular Online Courses

A master’s degree can be a powerful tool to advance your career. However, many people do not have the time or money to go back to school full time. These masters’ courses are pocket friendly and convenient so you don’t have to put your life on hold.

Popular Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

Within today’s fast paced business world, innovative thinking must play a central role in entrepreneurial activities. Our curated list of handpicked Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses, across top-rated international universities, will enable you to amplify your creative capabilities, in order to address the increasingly dynamic and unpredictable business, technological and social challenges that today’s world faces. 

Popular Healthcare Leadership Courses

Strong leadership within our healthcare systems are paramount now more than ever. Our curated list of handpicked Healthcare and Leadership courses, across top-rated international universities, will enable you to inspire others, drive innovation and lead effectively within healthcare organisations.

These postgraduate degree courses will equip you with the develop your understanding of robust and effective management principles and give you the confidence to put them into practice.

Popular Psychology Courses

Growth in the field of Psychology comes through developing specialised knowledge with a narrow focus in your area. Our curated list of handpicked Psychology courses across top-rated international universities enable you to boost your career trajectory in a specialised field, in line with your interests.

These postgraduate degree courses will enable you to grow your knowledge about the key principles, theories and methods within the discipline.

Popular User Experience & Design Courses

With the current business paradigm shifting towards making user experience and design the protagonist, being fluent in cutting-edge tools and technology is necessary to identify and exploit emerging opportunities for the benefit of your users.

These carefully selected User Experience and Design courses offered by top rated universities will prepare you to become a vital contributor and leader at the intersection of innovation, consumer technology and design.

Popular MBA Courses

Global MBA hiring trends remain positive, with an estimated 86% hiring rate in 2022, which is expected to increase at a steady rate of at least 4% in the coming years. MBA graduates are likely to earn 77% more than Bachelor degree holders, with about 10% year-to-year salary increase.

Craydel has partnered with top international universities to bring together a carefully selected list of MBA courses. These MBA courses will go a long way in helping you build a strong foundation for long-term career agility & growth.

Popular Artificial Intelligence Courses

AI is a rapidly growing area of computing science that is driving change in every sector. Our curated list of handpicked Artificial Intelligence courses, across top-rated international universities, will enable you to meet the needs of the industries that are recognising the transformative potential of AI. 

Popular Data Science Courses

The business world is highly dependent on analysing, evaluating and optimising performance, to stay competitive. Our curated list of handpicked Data Science courses, across top-rated international universities, will enable you to extract, analyse, interpret and present data from a variety of sources in order to turn raw data into meaningful information for tackling business issues.

Popular Digital Transformation Courses

Digital revolution across organisations in Africa continues to disrupt every industry. Our curated list of handpicked Digital Transformation courses across top-rated International universities enable you to learn how to capitalise on the opportunities created by new digital capabilities—including big data.

These postgraduate degree courses will enable you to better anticipate change and evolve strategies that turn digital disruption into a competitive advantage.

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